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Parenting woes- 2

As one is a parent for life, there cannot be one rule that fits all. in other words, as each home is unique, so would ones parenting methods also be individalistic. But some pointers can always help in this adventure called parenthood.Children learn the fastest from their parents- it may not seem like it manyContinue reading “Parenting woes- 2”

Parenting woes -part 1

Parents very often go into a frenzy especially with feeding their children, and the most popular or convenient (inconvenient for many others) method is to take the child outdoors and distract them using birds, dogs, flying saucer and what have you, to get a couple of morsels of food inside. Once the bowl of porridgeContinue reading “Parenting woes -part 1”


Kavita Varma

Bengaluru, Karnataka

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as most beautiful.”

Sigmund Freud

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