New beginnings

Life is always giving us opportunities to start afresh ..but do we recognise those choices coming our way? or do we choose to ignore them? Many choose to just keep their eyes shut at these treasure troves waiting to be unravelled. These treasures may have been specially picked and chosen for you. Maybe its natures way of understanding just what you need at that specific space and time and nudging you to grasp that chance to begin with a new perspective.

But if we choose not to acknowledge that even small pebbles can be building blocks, then how much further can life lift us from innate inertia? It is so easy to blame, point fingers, accuse and admonish others or life or circumstances, but so difficult to actually rise up to a situation, pick up those pieces and move on with resilience.

Right now that’s exactly what life is offering – opportunities. All you need to do is recognise those opportunities, make choices-it doesn’t even have to be perfect choices, but shake off that sense of inertia and push against the tide….move, and just keep on moving, and soon you will see, even the toughest of rocks standing your way will be forced to break down and give way to your determined and sincere intentions.

Believe in yourself, your abilities, your choices.

“Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid” -Basil King

Published by Kavita varma

Psychologist, reader, traveller, writer, environmentalist.

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