Parenting woes -part 1

Parents very often go into a frenzy especially with feeding their children, and the most popular or convenient (inconvenient for many others) method is to take the child outdoors and distract them using birds, dogs, flying saucer and what have you, to get a couple of morsels of food inside. Once the bowl of porridge is wiped clean-the agenda is done and the child is taken back indoors. Over a period of time, the outdoors has come indoors and the television took on the role of distracter, and then it became the laptop, the tablet, an iPad, a phone etc etc.

So the view got narrower and we went from the great outdoor to the intense indoors, but with variety entertainment at the swipe of little hands. If spongebob SquarePants fails to entertain, then the avengers come to the rescue or maybe even the animal planet.

And so it has become the norm- keeping a child constantly entertained- no bawling baby, or cranky children to be seen as most are staring into a screen, just like their parents or caretakers are.

And we wonder how children are addicted to screen time! A glance around an airport, or a train station shows a similar scenario. Isn’t it time we stopped being distracted parents, just so we don’t end up having distracted children ?

Published by Kavita varma

Psychologist, reader, traveller, writer, environmentalist. My training:- Masters in Psychology , CBT practitioner, stress and anxiety management trainer, NLP practitioner, psychological first aid certified, counselling and guidance counselor, family and youth therapist

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