Parenting woes- 2

As one is a parent for life, there cannot be one rule that fits all. in other words, as each home is unique, so would ones parenting methods also be individalistic. But some pointers can always help in this adventure called parenthood.
Children learn the fastest from their parents- it may not seem like it many a times, but subconsciously then pick up so many varied cues from how their parents behave, interact, and go about life in general. and this is mostly regarding the values passed on to the next generation.
A home where respect is given to all members, especially to the elders, will surely be  lesson that stays in the childs mind for future reference too. Also, when conflicting messages are conveyed, for example an advice given by the parent is not also followed by the parent, then that’s  surely going to complicate matters- remember practice what you preach?
A parent who breaks the traffic rules even once without regreting the act, will have an ever observant ward willing to do the same as and when the opportunity arises. A home where the members waste water, throw away food , litter the place, are not environmentally concious will surely have an impact on the children irrespective of the fact that the elders preach otherwise.
And that is why guardians need to be be ever conscious of the fact that they are under observation by the most gullible minds in their home. This definitely does not mean that one needs to behave in an unnatural or atificial manner, only that it is an opportunity for us to grow and improve ourselves just so that our children learn the best from the best. Happy parenting 🙂

Published by Kavita varma

Psychologist, reader, traveller, writer, environmentalist.

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