After the dust settles

The time to step back and assess a situation is soon after the crises is over. That’s when we can truly see and understand the why, what, and how. Also there comes a stage of resignation, least resistance and resilience. A time to rebuild and grow. All these stages come at no specific time or sequence, yet it does come in some form, at some time.

What does one do at this stage? For example after the pandemic, when will hopefully things go back to some level of normalcy? Or stress/trauma situations; after a divorce or separation ? after the loss of a loved one, after the termination of a job or a forced retirement? there are a lot of afters, but its what you do therefter that counts.

A loss of any kind is the most difficult to handle. But as long as there is life, there has to be hope. seek all the help that is needed to stay afloat- physical, mental, and emotional. sometimes even financial. its not everyday and everytime help is required. Never hesitate to ask a genuine friend to lend a helping hand. There are times when well wishers may not know how or when to ask , so dont hesistate.

Friendships and Hobbies

Make new acquaintances, they just might blossom into something valuable. Do things you always hesitated to do before – travel solo or with a group, learn a new skill or take up a course, maybe learn music or dance. Definitely eat healthy and stay fit with exercise. Connect with old friends, especially when you know how precious time and people are. Volunteer your services at an NGO or a school or an orphanage /old age home- the fastest way to heal is to unselfishly help others in need.

Faith and self confidence

And more than everything else have faith – in the almighty (in whichever form of prayer you like) or belief in your own self worth and capabilities if you are a non believer, and you will find the strength within , and ways to rebuild one’s life, and trust in your own innate powers.

Here’s to rediscovering yourself.

Published by Kavita varma

Psychologist, reader, traveller, writer, environmentalist. My training:- Masters in Psychology , CBT practitioner, stress and anxiety management trainer, NLP practitioner, psychological first aid certified, counselling and guidance counselor, family and youth therapist

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