After the dust settles

The time to step back and assess a situation is soon after the crises is over. That’s when we can truly see and understand the why, what, and how. Also there comes a stage of resignation, least resistance and resilience. A time to rebuild and grow. All these stages come at no specific time orContinue reading “After the dust settles”

Parenting woes -part 1

Parents very often go into a frenzy especially with feeding their children, and the most popular or convenient (inconvenient for many others) method is to take the child outdoors and distract them using birds, dogs, flying saucer and what have you, to get a couple of morsels of food inside. Once the bowl of porridgeContinue reading “Parenting woes -part 1”


Parenting norms, rules, methods have all been de rigueur for years now. And many a times a beautiful, natural process becomes a regimental, rigid or even an artificially laid out environment perhaps not very conducive for warmth and happiness. The fact remains –a home consists of so many complex layers. By providing a powder coating,Continue reading “PARENTING”

New beginnings

Life is always giving us opportunities to start afresh ..but do we recognise those choices coming our way? or do we choose to ignore them? Many choose to just keep their eyes shut at these treasure troves waiting to be unravelled. These treasures may have been specially picked and chosen for you. Maybe its naturesContinue reading “New beginnings”